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  • Shijiazhuang Zhongya Candle Co,. Ltd.

  •  [Hebei,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer
  • Main Mark: Africa , Asia , Europe , Middle East
  • Exporter:91% - 100%
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Shijiazhuang Zhongya Candle Co,. Ltd.


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About Us

Shijiazhuang Zhongya Candle Co Ltd is a professional and experienced manufacturer and exporter for candles since 1990s Our factory is over 50 000 square meters We have 40 Management stuffs 40 Technicians and 20 Marketing businessman and nearly 500 common workers The main competitive productions of our factory are White candles Fluted Candles Tea light candles Spiral candle Taper candles Colored candles Jewish candles Church candles Gift candles and customized candles Now we have sold our candles to more than 50 countries and regions and the export amounts has already reached to two hundred million dollars For every Customer We ensure you good qualities timely shipments and competitive...

Categories and Products

White Candles

Nigeria Market Candle

Non-scent White Household Candle Making Daily Lighting Pure wax White Pillar Candle Pure White Candles with cellophane bag packing Home Decoration Use Handmade White Candle Snow White Votive Wax Candle Africa Home Decoration White Plain Candles for Lighting Cheap Good Quality White Pilla Snow Candles Customized Household White Stick Candle Africa Dripless White Household Lighting Candles thin pillar household white plain candles Top quality shrink pack white classic velas candle Bougies white color candle cellophane holy candle BG8S white bright candle shrink package OEM brand BG8SS Bright white color paraffin wax candle making ZHONGYA CANDLE FACTORY PARAFFIN WAX WHITE CANDLE Wholesale Wax Snow White Stick Candle Custom Size Paraffin Wax Fluted Pillar Candle Household White Plain Paraffin Wax Candles for Dubai Wholesale Smokeless Paraffin Wax Tealight Candles 25g 55g White Paraffin Wax Household Nigeria Candle 

Angola Market Candles Velas

Larger Size Africa Candles White Color Africa White Stick Wax Candle Bougies Pure White VELA made by Paraffin Wax Africa Use Velas White Stick Candle Angola Cellophane 23g White Candle Velas 8x65bags Votive Cellophane Pack Smokeless White Candles Long Burning Time Eco-friendly Snow Candles Velas Paraffin Wax White Color pillar candle All Kinds of Size White Plain Candles Pure White Wax Nigeria Candle Hot Selling Africa Market Candle Wax Stock Cheap Good Quality White Pillar Wax Candle Angola Market 18g 25g 8*65 Pillar Candle Velas Angola 23G 8X65 Household White Candle Snow white color paraffin wax pillar candle Best Quality Household Candle Making Hot Sale White Colored No Drip Candle Home Decoration Use and Pillar Stick Type candle TOWER OF GOLDEN BRAND WAX CANDLE 50gram White Pillar Candle Strong Cellophane Packing 

10-95gram White Candle

8 Inch Cotton Wick Candle Velas Bougies Candles Home Decoration Big White Velas Candles Wax Decoration Cellophane Classic Ivory Candles Flameless White Color Cheap Candle Wax Home Use Lighting Nature Wax Snow Invory Candle Smokeless Handmade White Stick Candles Wholesale Wedding Church Wax White Candle Pillar Candles Votive Floating White Pillar Candles Velas Libya Market Dripless Lighting White Home Use Candle Madagascar Classic Pure Candle Wax Madagascar Classics 50G Candle Africa Wax 50G Lighting Pure Wax White Candles Decoration Classic Snow White Stick Shape Candles Popular Libya 40G Black Box Snow Candle Long Burning Taper Decoration White Candles UnScented Feature White Color Soy Wax Candle Soy Wax Home Decoration Use White Stick Candle Dinner Decoration Celebration Bright Cheap White Candle Long Pillar Shape White Household Candle Christmas Daily Lighting Unscented Stick White Candles 

8x65 Packing White Candle

Low price paraffin wax household bougies candle Home Use Unscented White Wedding Candles 8X65Packing White Pure Wax Velas Candles Cellophane Pack White Stick Candle Daily Use Religious Activities Use Handmade Wax Candles Cheap Church Pillar Unscented Stick White Candles Bougies Cheap Lighting White Candle Lighting Pure White No Smoke Flameless Candles Cheap Eco-Friendly Nature Wax Candles Household Paraffin Wax Church Candles White Color Flameless Feature Household Candle zhongya candles Angel white candle 35gram 20cm length Good Prices Cheap Unscented White Church Burning Candles White Bright Holy Brand Candle Bougie Velas Home use White Stick Pure Wax Candle High Quality Wax Candle Wholesale Cheap Price 8x65Bags Packing Pure Household White Candle 8pcs Packing Paraffin Wax Household White Taper Candle Cheap Dripless Paraffin Wax Taper White Candles Africa different packing candles 

6PCS/ Packing White Candle

South Africa Best Price Candles Velas Home Decoration Pure Wax Velas Fluted Candle Handmade Popular Big White Unscented Candles Pure Wax Dripless Big Household White Candle Cellophane Pack Home Use Pure Snow White Candle Chinese Supply White Plain Pillar Candles Long Burning Stick White 6x100 Nouakchott Candles Velas AFRICA PURE WHITE STICK WAX CANDLE Mozambique White Fluted Candle Velas Bougies 6Pcs Cellophane Package Wax White Candle Popular White Stick Paraffin Wax Candle White Stick Household Bright Candle Wholesale Exporter Hotsale 100% Paraffin Wax Colored Stick Candle zhongya Stick White Brite Candle Black-out Box Packing White Household Candles for Malaysia 6Pcs Packing Large Size White Unscented Candle 6Pcs Packing Polybag White Bougies Candle Multicolor Paraffin Wax Stick Candle Decoration Wholesale 6pcs Packing Pure White Wax Candle Exporter Cheap Dripless Large Long Burning Paraffin White Candles 

Tealight Candle

10G Tealight Candle

Pure wax10g white unscented tea light candle Aluminium Cup 10g Multicolors Tealight Candle Household Daily Use Tealight Candles 2 hours Decorations White Tealight Candle Tea Light Candle Bulk Round Shaped Unscented Tealight Candle Hot Sale Paraffin Wax Unscented Glitter Tealight Candle Mini Unscented Tealight Candles with Aluminium Tins Church Religous Paraffin Wax White Tealights Candle Church Religous White Round Mini Tealights Candle 10g 1.5h-2h Burning Tealights Candle 50pcs/100pcs Packing Cheap Mini Round Tealight Candles Wholesale Polybag Pure Wax White Tealight Candle 

12Gram Tealight Candle

White Color Wax Burning Time Tealight Candle Best Tea Light Candles Tealight for Party Hot Sale Colored Unscented Home Decoration Tealight Candles Small Unscented Wedding Tealight Candle scented candles in bulk tealight candle for sale Paraffin Wax Long Burning Scented Tealight Candles Tealight Candle for Sale Paraffin Wax White Unscented Tealight Candle Russia Market Decorative Church Tealights Candle White Tea Light Candles held in metal cup 12Gram White Unscented Cheap Tealight Candles pvc box packing window box tealight candle 50PCS TEALIGHT CANDLE BURNING TIME CHEAP PRICE WAX TEALIGHT CANDLE 

14Gram Tealight Candle

White Burning Well Tealight Candle Wax Full Burn Handmade White Tealight Candles 4 hours/4.5hours Slow Burning Unscented Tea Light Mini Tealight Candles 4.5 Hour Wedding Decoration Tea Light Candle Full Paraffin Wax Tealight Candle Best Burning 50 Pcs Slow Burning Tealight Candles for Church Outdoor Tealight Custom Packaging candle Unscented Tealight Export Good Quality Candles white unscented tin cup tealight candles velas White Unscented Tealight Candle Wholesale Exporter White Unscented Long Burning Wax Tealight Candle 14Gram Long Burning White Tealight Candles Exporter pressed wax making tealight candle 3HOURS BURNING TIME TEALIGHT CANDLE FRANCE TEALIGHT CANDLE ORDER BEST QUALITY WAX TEALIGHT CANDLE Home Decoration Tealight candle making by hand Home Decoration Tealight candle making 50PCS IN BOX TEALIGHT CANDLE 

Tealight Candle Polybag Packing

Home Decoration Use Polybag Tea Light Candles Home Decoration Paraffin Wax Snow White Tealight Candle Yes Handmade Paraffin Wax Material Tealight Candle Wax paraffin tealight candle factory Dinner Use White Color RoundTealight Candles Pure Wax White Hosehold Tea Light Candle 100pcs Cheap White Tealight Candles in Plastic bag Mini Round Clear cup White Tealight Candles Daily Use Polybag Pack White Tealight Candle Best Price 100pcs Box Tea Light Candles Cheap Smokeless Small Mini Candle Tealight Smokeless Mini Tea Light Candles for Sale Long Burning Tea Light Candles in Aluminous Cup Long Burning Wax Tea Light Candles Polybag No Smoke Polybag Small Size Tea Light Candle Popular White Unscented Tealight Candles for Isreal Market Isreal Market White Paraffin Wax Tealight Candles Paraffin Wax Tealight Candle Wholesaler Cheap Tealight Votive Small Round Candles Cheap White Unscented Tealight Candle Box Packing 

Fluted Candle

50-55Gram Fluted Candle

South Africa Pillar 55g Fluted Candle Wax Low Price Snow White Stick Fluted Candles Home Use Dripless White Household Candles Lighting Paraffin Wax White Plain Candles Yes Handmade Pillar Shape Wax Fluted Candles Cheap 400G Religious White Plain Fluted Candle Colored Fluted Large Size Candle for Afria Market Russia Market Paraffin Wax White Household Candle 30G 35G Snow White Fluted Candle Velas 30-35Gram White Fluted Candle Exporter 50-55Gram Paraffin Wax Cheap White Fluted Candles Home Use Long Burning 55G Fluted Candle Yes Handmade and Paraffin Wax Tealight candle 

Angola Market velas

White Color Paraffin Wax Making Fluted Candle High Quality 65G White Votive Plain Candles White Color Paraffin Wax 65g Bougies Cabinda thin pillar white plain household lighting daily use Off white candle Stock cheap price selling 18G WHITE WAX CANDLE STOCK OFF white yellow candle bougies haiti order Small off white color stick size 8x30 Buy cheap price white plain candles african order white stick candle Good africa candles business quick shipment african purchase candles bulk stock Chinese house hold candle making export good chinese making stick candles seller BV inspected good quality candles hot sale white house hold color candle wholesale white household candle pruduce by factory wholesale white paraffin wax candles white stick church candle to LAE high quality candle making since 1999 year 

South Africa Market Candle

South Africa Big White Household Fluted Candles Wholesale Votive White Fluted Candle Velas Daily Light Invory Velas Fluted Candle Strong Quality Golden Eye Fluted Velas Candles Smokeless Large Long Stick White Candles best professional decoration white candles 400g South Africa Velas White Fluted Candle Bougies 65G Daily Use White Plain Fluted Candles Relighting Household Paraffin Wax White Candle Long Burning White Plain Pillar Fluted Candles Cheap Price White Household Fluted Candles Velas White Votive Paraffin Wax Plain Fluted Candles No Smoke White Votive Paraffin Wax Fluted Candles High Quality White Plain Paraffin Wax Fluted Candles House hold Use white wax velas candle fluted Golden Eye Fluted Candle White Color Velas Snow Pure White Fluted Size Velas Candle OEM Brand Angola Popular Candle Velas Cheap Price High Quality Wax Candle Full Container Loading White Fluted Wax Candle 

Mozambique Market

Decorating Cheap White Household Candles Mozambique 55g Snow White Fluted Candles White Paraffin Wax Pillar Velas Fluted Candles Africa Use Pure Wax Fluted Candle Bulk south africa 400gram 6x25 White Fluted Candle Mozambique Polybag 450G Fluted White Color Candle Velas Mozambique 6X50Packing 55G Fluted Candle 400g south africa mozambique white fluted candles 400G Cheap Fluted Candle Wax Mozambique 450g Mozambique Market White Fluted Household Candles Cheap 55-75gram Fluted Candle Popular in Africa Mozambique Candle require wax making Mozambique candle craft paper packing 400G 450G 400 Gram candle fluted velas order africa Africa white fluted pillar candle 6pcs packing Classic white velas sunraise candle fluted size Angola selling candle best price velas 

Spiral Candle

22gram Spiral Candle

Hot sale 22g Colorful Spiral Candle Multicolor Novelty Spiral Candle Wholesale 

8" Novelty Candle

8 Novelty Muti Color Spiral Taper Candle Jeddah 22G Blue Box 8" Novelty Sprial Candle Colored 8' Novelty Spiral Candle for Saudi Arabia Paraffin Wax Colored 8' Novelty Spiral Candle Popular Colored Novelty Spiral Candle Exporter Saudi Arabia Market Novelty Spiral Candle Exporter 

Blue Box Candle

Cheap Blue Box 8" Novelty Sprial Candle 

12pcs Candle

Colored 8" Novelty Spiral Candle for Saudi Arabia 

Multi Color Spiral Candle

Multi-Colour Chanukah Paraffin Wax Candles Multi-Colourful Christmas Spiral Candles 

Chanukah Candle

Hanukkah Candle

Strong Fire Israel Festival Use 3.8G Hanukkah Candle 3.8G Multi-Colour Chanukah Hanukkah Candles Israel Festival Use 3.8g Jewish Hanukkah Candles Decorative Small Size Color Hanukkah Candle America Isreal Jewish Market Hanukah Candles Holiday Use Small Box Decorative Multicolor Hanukkah Candles Multicolor Jewish Huanukah Candle Wholesale 

Jewish Candle

Colored Chanukah Party Celebration Hanukkah Candle Competitive Price Hanukkah Candle in Box Wholesale Wholesale Bulk Multicolor Hanukkah Candles Colorful Chanukkah Candles for The Jewish Stock Jewish Memorial Candle for Festival Isreal market Multicolor Hanukkah Candles Stock Multicolor Hanukkah Jewish Wax Candles Israel Small Box 3.8G Jewish Candle Chinese Supply Sale Purple Colored Chanukah Candle Isreal Jewish Chanuakah Holiday Festival Use Candle Israel market Box packing 3.8G Color Chankuah Candle Mini Small Multicolor Jewish Spiral Hanukah Candles Small Multicolor Jewish Spiral Hanukah Candles 

Chrismas Candle

Paraffin Wax Hanukkah Candles factory 

3.8g Spiral Candle

Strong Fire Chanukah Candles Decorated Bright Flame Cheap Decorative Candles Best Sale 3.8g Jewish Colorful Hanukkah Candles Top Quality Decorative Chanukah Candles Bulk Multicolored Decorative Chanukah Candles Cheap Price Colored Jewish Chanukah Canldes 3.8g Spiral Jewish Chanukah Candle Isreal Market Jewish Use Bright Flame 3.8G Chanukah Candles 

7g Taper Color Candle

Jewish Smokeless Colorful Hanukkah Candles 7g Taper Jewish Chanukah Candle Isreal USA Market color jewish candle hanukkah candle Hot Sale 100% paraffin Jewish Chanukah Candle Kits smokeless Feature and Beeswax Material beeswax candles Wholesale hanukkah decoration 45PCS Hanukkah candles PVC box Wholesale Hanukkah candles 45pcs High quality Chanukah candles with lead-free wicks High quality Chanukah candles with lead-free wicks 2018 High quality Chanukah candles with lead-free wicks Israel Market Church Chanukah Candles/ Jewish Candle 3.8g 44pcs Small Chanukah Candle holiday 100% paraffin wax Jewish Chanukah Candle Kits Memorial candle jewish votive candle 

Bright Candle

Yellow Box Candle

Africa Yellow Box 25G Bright Candle 6x50 Yes Handmade White Color Cheap Candle Wax Church Nature Wax Dinner Decoration Candles Handmade Box Pack Ivory White Unscented Candles OEM Yellow Box Ghana White Bright candles Timely Shipment White Party Use Pillar Candles 38G Ghana Yellow Box Pure Wax Candle Wholesale Cheap Church Wax White Stick Candles 38G Yellow Box White Wax Candle Lighting Yellow Box Dripless White Bright Candle 8PCS Yellow Box 38G Ivory White Candle Box Pack Non Drip Round White Pillar Candles Cheap Yellow Box Plain White Pillar Candles Cheap Good Quality White Pillar Wax Candles Long Burning Stick Utility White Candle Religious Use Bright White Plain Candles White holy Altar Pillar Candle Making AFRICA BOX PACKING PURE WHITE STICK WAX CANDLE Yellow Box Ghana Wax White Bright Candle BG8S Yellow Box White Bright Holy Candle 

35-38gram Ghana Candle

Flameless Bright Red Box Small White Candle 38G Yellow Box Ghana White Wax Candles Ghana market Yellow Boxes White Color Bright Candle Boxes 35G Pillar White House Candles Ghana Market 38g Yellow Box Candles 8x30Boxes Snow White Bright Vela Ghana market Candle Snow White BG8SS Bright Candle Ghana market Candle Ghana cheap wax bright white color candle 35g-38gtam Ghana Market White Bright Candles 35G 38G White Household Yellow box Candle yellow box bright candle white white double holy holiness candle making Yes Handmade and Paraffin Wax candle Wax Material and Pillar Shape Candle Scented Home Decoration Use and Pillar Shape scented candles straight bright candles to Ghana market 2018 Bright white color candle bougies seling Wax Candle produce Price White Bright Candles Ghana west africa buy bright white candle bg8s order 38gram Bright Bougies candles selling 

Red Color Box Candle


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